Tuesday, July 8, 2008

update. finally.

well, well, well. it's now been over a month in portland, and this week is a good week. i had some visitors over the last several days - it was so nice to have some action around the condo, i started working this week and tomorrow night my sister arrives for a long weekend. fabulous.

i'm working for an architectural firm - never worked with or for one of those before - and i like it so far. my job isn't super challenging, which kept me up last night for a bit before i realized that it might give me time to think about what i really want to do: find a more challenging job, possibly go back to school, keep traveling... found this quote, too. and i like it.

"the more i travel, the more i recognize that most people in the world want the same things - even though we differ in the way we pursue them. traveling is the best way to learn appreciation and tolerance. americans have learned to be guarded. but there are places in the world where i have been warmly welcomed into the homes of complete strangers and fed well. travel to foreign lands... and be uncomfortable. you'll come back home richer for it."