Thursday, June 5, 2008


it's gray and cool today. like yesterday and the day before. a bit of a change from getting hot enough to jump in a 70 degree pool on sunday. i'm looking at leftovers from a little shindig last night, and drinking starbucks while i figure out what to do today. my only commitment is a 3:45 drive to the airport. then i'm on my own.

can't count the number of times i've had the "so why are you in portland?" conversation over the past few days. i'll be glad when that is over, although i think it's been good to remind myself that i'm going to take my time - finding a place to work, live, etc. if i didn't have to constantly repeat it, i might forget and start freaking out.

my host here - my friend don - has been ridiculously gracious, introducing me to all of his friends and showing me the cool spots in the city, all the while getting ready to skip town for seven weeks. i'll be driving his truck around while he's gone - me in the tacoma is a bit comical, and i'm convinced that i'm going to hit something. fingers crossed.

so, plan for the next two months: kayak, eat good food, find a job, check out first thursday, drink good beer, shop at trader joe's, make some friends, buy a bike, throw a couple parties, host lots of visitors (ahem), go to a concert or two, take my time.